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KYMMA has issued hundreds of gifts to families in Central New Hampshire who are affected by cancer, including groceries, gas, heating oil, back-to-school clothes and supplies, furnace repairs, utility bills, and "feel good items."

We've also issued gift certificates for textbooks and supplies to a number of students at Plymouth State University and Plymouth Regional High School whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Here are some of the testimonials we've received from people in Central New Hampshire:

♥ The "T" Family says thank you so much for the gas card. It will be of tremendous help as I go through this journey. I start my radiation therapy on Monday, June 1 in Concord. Although I am not looking forward to doing this every day, I know it is necessary as I have a 50% chance of recurrence without it within 5 years. Not good odds. So once again, I want to say thank you so very much. The gas card will help alleviate the financial burden placed upon us because of this journey. Sincerely yours. - D.T., Ashland, NH

♥ "Thank you for financial support at a time when it was much needed. We appreciate your hard work." - Family of B.M., Ashland, NH

♥ "I am truly honored that the board of directors has chosen my essay as one of the winners for this year. My reason for submitting my story was to shine a different light on a side of cancer that many don't know about. Thank you so much! I still can't believe that my entry was chosen." - CP, PSU Student & Michelle Morse Book Award Recipient

♥ "I could not be more honored to be receiving this award. This helps with my family's financial strain to pursue my education at PSU. I would love my story to be shared via the online community. It's important to raise awareness and give support for families and individuals dealing with cancer. God Bless and thank you again." - CB, PSU Student & Joan Merrill Book Award Recipient

♥ "Thank you so much for choosing me. I will definitely use this money to buy my books and other school supplies for next year." - DT, PSU Student & Michelle Morse Book Award Recipient

♥ "Thank you SO much for your very generous donation of gas cards. We can't begin to tell you how much it means to us. With only one of us working, and daily trips to Londonderry for treatment, the relief we felt upon receiving the cards is indescribable. One day, sooner rather than later, hopefully we'll be able to do the same for someone through you." - E.H., New Hampton, NH

♥ "Thank you ever so much for the much needed help. I am forever grateful. The everyday trips the next two months to Dartmouth are quite a drain on the pocketbook. You don't know how much it means to me to not have to worry about it. I'm very lucky to have the help of such a great bunch of people around me - my family, friends, and KYMMA! It does not look good for me this time, but I want everyone to know I am in a good place. I'm at peace in my life. I'm not by any means giving up, But? Anyways, there is a mention of KYMMA in my will." - B.R., Campton, NH

♥ "I really appreciate what you do. My mom has cancer and she is in her 3rd or 4th round of chemo. She recently received two gift cards, one for gas and one for Hannaford. This really helps out at a time like this for our family. Thanks to everyone who has donated to this cause." - A.T., Thornton, NH

♥ "Thank you for this wonderful gift! I'm looking forward to meeting Michelle's mom and being a part of this inspiring organization." - D.C., Student Book Awards Winner

♥ "Thank you very much for this scholarship! I am very grateful my essay was selected; it was heartfelt to write. Thank you!" - K.Y., Student Book Awards Winner

♥ "Thank you so much for such a generous gift. It will definitely come in handy and I am very grateful. Thank you and warm wishes." - A.K., Plymouth, NH

♥ "Thank you so much. I travel to Boston every week to the Dana Farber Institute and this will help me so much. Thank you, Thank you!" - S.B., Wentworth, NH

♥ "I wish to thank you very much for the generous gift. We really appreciate it. You were a blessing to us. Thank you again." - N.M. Ashland, NH

♥ "You have helped me and my daughter tremendously. Thank you so much; you all are amazing. I truly appreciate all your help." - T.B., Bristol, NH

♥ "I was blown away. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - D.C., Rumney, NH

♥ "You guys are the angels I hear about that are here on earth. Really!" - J.H., Wentworth, NH

♥ "You have no idea how helpful your help has been." - C. L., Ellsworth, NH

♥ "We greatly appreciate your kindness and your organization." - J.W., Plymouth, NH

♥ "I won't forget your kindness. My treatments make me cold... Me and my family are very grateful and we will all benefit by this." - H.S., Plymouth, NH

♥ "Your organization is a god send for this community." - J.G., Wentworth, NH

♥ "Thank you so much for your recent help. It is great to know that someone on the other end of the phone is so willing to help our local families. Thanks a million!" - C.V., Plymouth, NH

♥ "Thank you SO very much!" - F.O., Holderness, NH

♥ "These are great people who put on a great event for a great cause." - Jim Tyrrell, Plymouth, NH (posted on our Facebook page)

We invite you to contact us with the name and contact information of someone in Central New Hampshire who has cancer and may need financial or emotional assistance.

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ribbons of awareness

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