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Thursday, September 20, 2012 - Page A10

To the Editor:

We all know what comfort food is, but many in our communities are unaware of another source of comfort offered to us by KYMMA - Keeping You, Me, and Memories Alive.

If you or a loved one are a cancer patient, you should know about KYMMA.

I learned, firsthand, when my husband Wayne was in the dreaded Medicare doughnut hole, and we were paying hundreds of dollars at the pharmacy weekly. It was Linda Reisert, a wonderful nurse and friend, Oncology at Speare, who gave Wayne the information. Shortly afterward, he received a check for $500. He was deeply touched and appreciative.

I am a cancer survivor myself. I belong to the Newfound Area Cancer Support Group, started by our very good friend, Brenda Akerman, 11 years ago. I love the people; they are "family" to me.

KYMMA has been of help to our members in need. KYMMA is unique in that not one red cent is earned by any one of the staff, meaning every penny stays in our communities, helping our own friends and neighbors.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, Sept. 22! It will be the 13th annual Day to Fight Cancer. A full day of family fun.

It will be outside, rain or shine, at Plymouth State University, PE Center, Arold Field, Holderness Road, Holderness.

Registration for the walk will begin at 11 a.m. Visit the Web site,, for more information. There are many activities planned! Get the children involved! They love to help! I would love to see all the area school children involved. How about colorful pictures and posters with the letters KYMMA, to be given to cancer patients at Speare? Very young children seem to sense a small act of kindness is very far reaching.

It helps our sense of wellbeing to have a feeling of "connectiveness," and that we truly care about one another.

Joyce Liptak

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